Tamper Evident Bags

Tamper Evident Bags

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  • Sophisticated Tamper Evident Security Closure
  • Varying Levels Of Security Closure
  • Barcode And Numbering
  • Handles Available
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Biodegradable Film Optional
  • External Pockets Available
  • Custom Solution On Request


Tamper Evident Security Bags

Our generic Keepsafe security bag’s come in Opaque or Transparent form, and have developed a reputation for being the most trusted tamper proof security bags available on the market. Whether it be coin or cash bags, evidence bags, casino gaming or exam bags, our security bags will be ability to keep the content of your bag safe regardless of surreptitious entry techniques.

The seal of the bag is made with an Anti Tamper Seal from KeepSafe®, a sophisticated tamper evident seal developed with decades of research and development protects against all forms of manipulation including: heat, freeze, solvent, mechanical and moisture.


  • Bank Deposit Bags
  • Cash Transit Bags
  • Evidence Bags
  • Forensic Bags
  • Confidential Documents Bags
  • Airline Security Bags
  • Exam Script Bags
  • Bespoke Options Available
  • Defence Security Bags
  • Healthcare Security Bags

Evidence / Forensic Bags

TydenBrooks’ evidence bags feature an ultra tamper evident closure to prevent evidence from being compromised, and to support good chain-of-custody procedures. These bags are made from durable polyethylene film, and come pre-printed with all information required for proper evidence submission

TydenBrooks also offers breathable evidence bags specifically designed for collecting and securing wet evidence. These bags feature a breathable material on one side of the bag, which facilitates the drying of wet evidence, and guards against the loss of crucial evidence due to deterioration.

Secure Document Bags

TydenBrooks is globally recognized for excellence in the manufacturing of products utilized by government agencies for the collection, storage and transfer of sensitive documents and materials. Our secure document bags are fitted with the most advanced tamper-evident technology to provide the ultimate in security for high risk applications.

Cash Bags

KeepSafe® cash bags utilize the most advanced tamper-evident technology to provide the ultimate in security for high (Ultra/Gold), medium (Premium/Silver), and low (Secure/Bronze) risk applications. TydenBrooks’ KeepSafe cash bags are designed for direct-to-branch, day/night, armoured carrier, and direct-to-vault deposits. TydenBrooks offers a complete line of security packaging to fit any application and are available in single pouch, pouch with external pockets, vertical twin, and horizontal twin deposit bags.

The KeepSafe® coin bags are the strongest and most efficient plastic coin bags on the market. The high-strength coextruded polyethylene film is specially designed for secure coin and cash applications.


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