Flexsecure 3.5mm Cable Seal


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    Flexsecure 3.5mm Cable Seal

    • ISO 17712 classification – High Security Seal
    • Tamper-evident non-preformed steel cable unravels when cut and is galvanise for corrosion protection
    • Available in a variety of colours
    • Can be customised by laser printing a name,logo consecutive numbers and bar code
    • Patent Pending
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    SnapTracker Bolt Seal

    • Bolt and body are keyed to prevent spinning.
    • Large flag on both the bolt and body allow for the laser printed information to be easily read.
    • ISO 17712 “H” classification for High Security Seal
    • Both parts numbered to prevent fraud by replacement of either bolt or body.
    • Parts come attached in a unique package for ease of use and accurate tracking of numbers.
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